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Same Feeling Different Song Average White Band N/A
Same Old Moon Hamish Stuart
Sandcastles Hamish Stuart
School Boy Crush Average White Band
School of Hard Knocks
(Incorporates portions of the song "School Boy Crush")
Double XX Posse N/A
Second to None Jim Jam
Separate Shores Easy Pieces N/A
She Keeps Passing Me By
(Incorporates portions of the song "Person to Person")
Master of Funk N/A
She Understands Me Hamish Stuart
She's A Dream Average White Band
Shine Average White Band N/A
Shy Guy
(Incorporates portions of the song "School Boy Crush")
Diana King
So Relaxing
(Incorporates portions of the song "Pick Up the Pieces")
Nefatari N/A
Sooner Hamish Stuart Band N/A
Soweto Jeffrey Osbourne
Speed Bumps Jim Jam
Stop the Rain Average White Band N/A
Suffer for You Hamish Stuart N/A
Sunny Days Average White Band N/A
Sweet and Sour Average White Band N/A

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